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York, ON
reply to xdrag

Re: TekSavvy - glorified reseller, not ISP

Yes, I know it sucks to see threads like this, but everyone has every right to be heard especially if service/support isn't decent.

Also, just because some people are on here frequently and have good service doesn't mean that they have to keep restating something like, "LOL shitty service? Then GTFO." We get it, you have your internet, but you can't logically say this every time. People leave Rogers/switch to Teksavvy for all sorts of reasons, you don't know if it's possible for these people to even switch back due to budget, and etc..

Also, problems need to be heard in many ways if you're not getting the support you need. When you call a company and it ends up in a call center and you're still unsatisfied, that call needs to be escalated somehow. And like I said, Teksavvy has to work on their communications. It's tough to wait on the line just to be simply told that the ticket is still there waiting; when it's been going on for an extended period, people have every right to be angry.