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Miles To Go
Far Rockaway, NY
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reply to Snakeoil

Re: Last Resort

I liked it a lot. Maybe it's because Crimson Tide is one of my favorite movies and the pilot shared a lot with it. Plus what you said about it not being a procedural or romance drama.

But I'm pretty sure the cool submarine stuff is going to be pushed to the side in favor of island drama soon, so I expect my opinion of the show will take a dip in the future.

Hopefully the NATO station, the islanders, the situation in DC, the missing crewmen, and the soldiers' (Marines? Seals?) mysterious mission in Pakistan provide some good drama in future episodes.
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I think the soldiers were Seals. They were returning from a mission, I think it took place in Pakistan. The wounded Seal was saying something that he shouldn't have. As the look on the Seal's face showed, while he was closing the curtain around his wounded buddy.
I wanna say that maybe the whole thing was started by that woman. The one that sold the device that is on the sub. Create a situation to prove your equipment operates as advertised, makes more sales. But I don't know if the show will indicate a "evil" weapons maker.
I'm curious as well as to the mess in DC. President being impeached, upper officers in military being arrested for some reason. Sounds like a scary place to be in.

Hopefully they can keep the pace up.
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