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It only hurts when I laugh
Paragould, AR
reply to Jan Janowski

Re: [WIN8] Windows 8 --- What benifits over W7-64?

The only reason I'll be running an 8 machine at home is simply for support purposes. Same reason I still run a stand alone XP rig. After playing with it a bit in a vm, there is just nothing there to make me change. I was on XP for years before I changed to 7, and that was only because a game I wanted to play needed Direct X 10, so I had to cave. It's pissed me off to no end that I now have to dual boot 7 and XP because one of my favorite games simply will not run reliably on 7. The company i work at is not going to move to 8, but we are going to have one rig running 8 for the customers that call and we need to help them navigate their own PC. I have firmly railed against this, as we do not support Windows. We support a custom POS system, and it's the customers job to know how to navigate their PC outside of our POS. But invariably we end up having to help customers in their Windows environment.

I feel like Walter saying 'pisses me off'

I guess it keeps the bills getting paid.
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