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Cannot agree more! »
This is a sub-selection from Review


East York, ON
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: Review

I'm not aware of what else was removed? I know that TSI Andre's response to me, and all replies (6 of them, as indicated by a mod) were removed. There was more? Perhaps you can check with a mod about that.


Cleveland, OH
When I first read the topic it was on page 2 and headed to page 3. Now its much much shorter. And now it doesn't say anything was removed by a Mod. - at least that I can see. And they won't tell me anything. The Mods on here do NOT like me for the most part. They LOVE censoring me and the truth. Only a few of them are nice and will tell you things. others are um yah. we'll leave it at that. The person that puts up the Morning/evening links may help you on what else was removed. He seems pretty nice when I contacted me in regards to an error on the site.
Cannot agree more! »
This is a sub-selection from Review