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And no lube either

Yep the USA and I suspect Canada equally so if you ask me, seem to like being largely bent over and screwed without the benefit of lube even.

If not for operations like Teksavvy or Nexicom (that I at least know about personally), I suspect I would not have internet access (and likely cable as well), and I would be doing what very little internet shopping I could manage while drinking a hot chocolate at Tim Hortons.

I doubt I would be in a position to give a damn what Bell had to say about anything, and whether Hollywood has a clue or not. I'd likely be incapable of needing to care about the state of internet neutrality or any of the assinine laws that seem all the rage in North America.

Because it is likely I would not be able to justify the expense all so I could find porn to relax with and rant and scream on forums about whatever. I'd have to grin and bear it and take a pass on Netflix and learn to like reading paper based hardcovers like I did in the 70s.

No, I am NOT going to give you (Bell), an idiotic sum, for lame levels of service with limitations that make us the joke of the online world.
Sad to say it, by Alexander Graham Bell's name just doesn't have any real value like it used to.