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Re: How to setup double VPN?

It can be done using a host and a VM where the VM connects thru the host. Both the host and the VM will need a VPN. Latency is an issue. If a VPN drops your connection you real IP number can be exposed, however that can be controlled with a properly configured firewall. Pay for those VPN's with washed Bitcoins or Liberty Reserve, some accept cash in an envelope (Mulvad).

Being anonymous is not as simple as installing a VPN. Check for DNS leaks »www.dnsleaktest.com/ Never post at any site that has your real identity information. Remember your VPN has your IP number and likely your real email address and they will not go to jail for you. There should be no logging. Read their privacy policy then read it again. Your exit node should be in a country that has a friendly privacy policy and certainly not in a US jurisdiction.

Long Thread at Wilders relating to anonymity: »www.wilderssecurity.com/showthre···t=285780

Have a look at Dropbox: »www.dropbox.com/