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Cheeze Boss

reply to Gone

Re: Niagara cops allegedly involved in cheese smuggling

said by Gone:

Real fresh American pizza is better than any of the mass-market crap you get in Canada

heh I'm not kidding.

Is a Canadian pizzeria mass market crap, unless it's a pizza hut?

This may be another one of those Quebec-Ontario differences.

Pizza hut came to Quebec once 3.5 decades ago. Then pulled out a couple of years later due to no one buying their product, then came back again after a 10 to 15 yr absence.

Not many people do the mass market american chains here for pizza unless it's for a fast lunch type thing where you have 30-minutes to eat then run. Though it may be different in Ontario.

American Pizza, here, is not a mover.

I never knew it was in Ontario.

Even when I lived in Vermont and family or friends came over it was always the same complaint about American pizza. Worse there is.

So now we find out we have another food difference between prov's? But then again, you are right on a border with the US, so maybe the American taste is more accepted? More the norm?

Need a different Quebecker and different Ontarian to weigh in on this one now.

Very big differences between pizza made here and pizza made there (pizzeria's, not frozen mass market stuff or big American chains of which both are horrible anyhow)