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Uverse install advice

Uverse install coming next week...wondering if anyone would have some advice on anything I can do on my end to make it go smoother. Looks like CAT5, and coax are ready to go. Condo had Comcast previously. The VRAD (I hope) is about 25 feet from my door. Hope the pictures paint an easy install for me.
Any tips or observations would be appreciated!


Just got a call saying install on hold due to "engineering issues in my area" this does not sound good.....


Greenville, SC
I had Charter for about 17 years , got Uverse a year ago . Love Uverse , won't go back , no matter what incentives are offered by Charter .
I have U300 package with HD and Max internet , no problems yet , even during thunderstorms .
First day of install , a tech came out and did all the wiring , next day a tech came out and installed in house . WiFi has good in house range .
Hope you are as lucky.


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My "new" install date is listed as 12/31/2036 haha Any idea why they suddenly called and said "there are problems in your area, no install" No trucks have been to the VRAD in a week or so.


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This place is dead...I'm out


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Just got my 3rd install date...another week out. Justin the Tier 2 rep has been very helpful. Tryin to see if he can push up the date.


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Tier 2 Justin got me all taken care of with bumped up install date. Tech was a little late, but AT&T automated call let me know this would happen. Nice touch.

So far TV is great, internet is pretty slow at only about 2.5 MB/s down, vs the 12 MB package I'm on.

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united state
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Re: Uverse install advice

2.5 MB/s down is actually pretty darn good

Is that what Speedtest.net is reporting? I ask because it reports things in MB/s

Or are you actually getting 2.5 megabits (Mb/s)? That would be a problem worth calling AT&T about to check on.

12Mb/s (what the down speed is of your tier of service) divided by 8 should give you a max download rate of 1.5 MB/s... so if you are getting 2.5 MB/s then you are actually getting speeds close to AT&T's 24Mb/s (highest tier plan).


I'm good now! Sometimes a test will fire back up too 16.8 MB/s down!

No major complaints at this point, although the HD picture leaves a lot to be desired. It barely looks HD compared to the Comcast in other condos.

Still VERY happy with uVerse!!


If your HD is not as sharp as Comcast I would suggest checking and adjusting your aspect ratio. Is your TV connected with HDMI cables? I have both services and Comcast's HD is way inferior.