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[BC] How to set up Internet and a cable box

Hi, I've had Internet for a long time and we just recently added a Motorola shaw cable box to our house. I have the cable cord running from the Internet modem to a cable splitter which goes into the wall, and the other cable cord running from the cable box to the splitter. Then from there I have a cable cord running from the cable box to the tv and my cable works fine, but now my Internet modem flashes the send light over and over. I've rebooted my modem many times, just wondering if its been a wiring issue?

Calgary, AB
First check the cable splitter, did you get it from Shaw? If not, replace it with one from Shaw,

Is the splitter hooked up the right way, In from the wall, Out to the modem and Out to the cable box.

If that doesn't help, hook the modem back up the way it was, contact a Shaw support agent to check the levels, confirm the levels will still be ok if the Receive level does down 3.5 points (db) and the transmit goes up by about 3.5.

-Posted from my phone.
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Re: [BC] How to set up Internet and a cable box

If it isn't hooked up correctly, upstream isolation on the splitter would block the sending signal from the modem.