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[E-mail] Comcast.net AUP

I am wondering if it is a violation of the Comcast Acceptable Use Policy to use E-Mail forwarding on Comcast.net e-mail to constantly forward e-mail to another Comcast.net e-mail address that I also own.

I have three E-Mail addresses on Comcast.net (one primary and two secondary). I want to be the only one that knows the primary (as that will be the login to my Xfinity Security system when it's installed) so I want to set the two secondary e-mail addresses (that I do give out) to forward to the primary (that I will only give to close friends and relatives that I do trust).

With the recent data breaches at several retailers (I had to change my E-mail address because Best Buy suffered a data breach and my e-mail started getting hit with spam) and businesses, I am tightening my belt on computer security. I have also changed passwords as well.

I just want to comply with the AUP.
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The curmudgeonly
Parkville, MD
I STRONGLY suggest that you NOT use your primary account for anything other than accessing Customer Central. The is the best and most secure way to protect your account. I also strongly suggest that you create another secondary account only for access to your security system. Neither of those should ever be given out or used in other matter.

As for forwarding the other addresses, that would not violate the AUP.

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