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Re: Australia won't back away from data retention plan

The subject of an ASIO file may, if he or she wishes, provide the Archives with a written statement identifying information contained in the file that is believed to be inaccurate.
I believe even police records are held in the same way. After a certain time you can request by a paid document to un-list events from affecting future record requests / clearances, but the facts never go away and if the case is serious enough it still has strength in today's world or the future.

Other claims go further, alleging that the Organisation compiled a list of some 10,000 suspected Communist sympathisers who would be interned should the Cold War escalate.
There was always a communist risk that was discussed even at public speaking levels; even including missing prime-ministers. That is not new, but it seems the events were enough to make everyone watch their back and I gather to some extent those insecurities have or had caused shifts in ways forward, ultimate control will always feel safest, but without mistakes and wrongs, how do you grow in character. Bit like that movie "Demolition Man".
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke