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Culver City, CA
reply to FifthE1ement

Re: 9;

Apologies - just lurking here, trying to understand why Verizon is so weak-minded as to stop fiber a block away from my house, and noticed the claim that the Postal Service is "hemorrhaging" money.

Very briefly: USPS is designed to break even, and it does. Only since Congress throttled it in 2006 with the unique and extreme 75-in-10 not-yet-hired employees' retirement health care funding burden - with no means to address this debit - has USPS begun to experience its current paper crisis.

Rather than forcing sale of assets - high-volume post offices - where USPS profits are made, Congress could be tasking USPS, with its ginormous digital network and analog footprint, with a digital buildout that would both streamline its legal obligation to provide affordable communication to every American address and drive down the usurious cost of internet in America.

I said "briefly;" this is a bare summary, just to note that USPS is a balanced government service that pays for itself (but could wipe private carriers off the map if provided the same competitive tools they enjoy).

It comes down to where you draw the "essential/non-essential" line. I draw it at equal access to resources. That's the least (and perhaps that's all) that government should provide. The Post Office has provided equal access by law since our country's founding. All taxpayers - not just "ratepayers" - SHOULD pay for postal service, in whatever paper and digital forms its government agency can provide it.

Isn't equal communication what we all want? What a coincidence - it's also our Constitutional guarantee.