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reply to Knowthenazz

Re: [BC] Telus Turbo 25 Availability in Vancouver


Thanks for your replies!

said by nss_tech:

None of the people that you can call in to will have any knowledge of infrastructure upgrades or dates or plans. That topic has been covered here countless times.

A CO covers a large area. Odds are one of the boxes closer to your house that services that small an area is awaiting an upgrade still.

I didn't realize this topic was covered so much. I did do some searching before my original post, but, I have to admit, it wasn't extensive.

I think I've identified two of the boxes in my area (bound by 4 major streets), and, half of that area now has Turbo 25 availability. Sadly, I was looking for any changes to either to the two boxes that I found, and neither looked changed on the exterior. I was given the impression that a DSLAM upgrade often times required a larger cabinet.

said by pfak:


There's tons of places in even Downtown Vancouver where Turbo 25 isn't available. I'd just switch to Shaw if you're concerned about speeds.

Wow, thanks for that information. I would have thought that all of downtown would have 100% availability by now.

I guess I don't feel as bad then

The real kicker in all of this is that I negotiated Turbo 25 with Loyalties, and at the time, they said that it was available for me. Well, here I am paying for Turbo 25 now, and it still isn't available to me yet.