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Yorba Linda, CA

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Ethernet Fiber Bandwidth, MPLS, T1, T3, ATT & Verizon Quotes

Get a Real-Time Price Quote at -> »www.telecommasteragent.org or give us a call today toll free @ (888) 765-8301 if you are in the market for the following services:

Business Class Cable
T1 Line Internet
T1 Private Line
Fractional T3
DS3 Bandwidth
MPLS Point to Point
Ethernet Private Lines
Metro Ethernet
Fast Ethernet
Gigabit Ethernet
Optical Carrier 3/12/48/192
Transatlantic Cable
Transpacific Cable
Business Satellite Internet
Wireless Cost Containment
POTS Lines
Business Phone Lines
Business VoIP
SIP Trunks

A Live Telecom Consultant is Available to Answer Any Questions Hassle Free with No Obligation at (888) 765-8301

We work with companies of all sizes. We have collectively been in the communications business for decades and know and work with all the major telecom providers and can help you get the best deal around. We work with businesses from all over the world so it doesn't matter where you're located, more than likely we can be of assistance.

An important thing to note is that we don't charge a fee. All of our services are paid for by the telecom provider. All agreements will be directly from the Managed Services LEC, CLEC, ISP or WISP. No, the fees aren't hidden either!

We make the telecommunication carriers compete and you save!

Don't be misguided by thinking that if you'd go directly to the telecom provider that you'll get a better deal. We either get the same price or even lower at times because we have the market intelligence.

We don't get fooled and neither do you with us on your side!

Another thing to consider is that the direct rep may be around today, but gone tomorrow. Corporate America has such a high turn over rate that their employees come and go. We are here to stay, and are here for the long run. So we always know where you're account stands no matter who comes and goes and what happens with the drama of carrier politics.

We're Standing by Toll Free at (888) 765-8301

Here is a small example of the coverage area that we can provide services for:

In the United States:

Alabama | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Anaheim | Brea | Costa Mesa | Huntington Beach | Irvine | La Habra | La Habra Heights | La Habra Hts | Los Angeles County | Orange County | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Washington DC | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Top Metropolitan Cities:

Albuquerque, Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, El Paso, Fort Worth, Fresno, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Mesa, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City , Oakland, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tucson, Tulsa Virginia Beach, Washington DC, Wichita

A Sample of Our International Coverage:

Andorra, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Albania, Armenia, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbados, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Burundi, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahamas, Bhutan, Botswana, Belarus, Belize, Canada, Congo, Central African Republic, Congo, Switzerland, Cote d'Ivoire, Chile, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Algeria, Ecuador, Estonia, Egypt, Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, Fiji, Micronesia, France, Gabon, United Kingdom, Grenada, Georgia, Ghana, Greenland, Gambia, Guinea, Equatorial, Guinea, Greece, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Honduras, Croatia, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, India, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Comoros, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Korea, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Saint Lucia, Liechtenstein, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Morocco, Moldova, Madagascar, Macedonia, Mali, Myanmar, Mongolia, Macao, Mauritania, Montserrat, Mauritius, Maldives, Malawi, Mexico, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Panama, Peru, Papua, New Guinea, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Portuga,l Paraguay, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Sudan, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sierra Leone, San Marino, Senegal, Somalia, Suriname, Sao Tome and Principe, El Salvador, Syrian Arab Republic, Swaziland, Chad, Togo, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Tonga, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Venezuela, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Yemen, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe to name a few.

For all other telecom service inquiries feel free to give us a call toll free at (888) 765-8301 and we'll be happy to assist you!

For Real-Time quotes you can visit -> »www.t1t3ethernet.com for Instant pricing. For some MPLS WAN, VPLS, Point to Points, and Private Lines, those may have to be done manually. Thanks for considering us in advance!
»www.solveforce.com has the Telecom Bits


Tampa Bay
·Verizon FiOS
·Bright House Net..
Use caution with this one. I browsed to the www.t1t3ethernet.com website and found the 888 number shown in the "about us" section. I called. An automated greeting told me to wait while it located an available sales rep. After some waiting, the call rang through and it sounded briefly like a human answered, but it was completely garbled (like a cellphone on the fringe of coverage) and then the call dropped.

I don't know anything about these folks, but have a gut feeling this is just a portal that feeds inbound calls to independent reps out in the wild, rather than having an actual business location with company employee-representatives sitting at desks under one roof.

Just my $0.02.

Yorba Linda, CA

4 edits
Not sure why the call dropped, but it's safe to say it was the cell phone company's fault due to bad reception. There are reps that do get the phone calls transferred to their cell phone at times. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the 21st century and businesses do use cell phones to communicate.

We are independent reps that are contracted with the telecom carriers and telecom master agencies and if anyone understands the agent model through the telecom companies you'd understand our business model. We are highly organized and far from the wild like the above statement from rebus9.

Anyways, my name is Ron Legarski and you can call me anytime toll free at (888) 765-8301 and leave a message and I'll call anyone back and would be happy to answer anyone's questions or address any concerns. You can even talk with one of the Telecom Carrier Specialists and ask them questions too. I am the owner of »www.SolveForce.com and we have been in business since 2004 and have been in telecom collectively for decades. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and our DnB record is impeccable.

We are well known throughout all the major telecom providers and telecom agencies and have won several awards. We are probably one of the most knowledgable and diverse telecommunications solutions companies around. Yes, »www.T1T3Ethernet.com is one of our sites too that give real time telecom quotes throughout all the nation from over 40 providers. We'll take on any challenge so bring it on!
»www.solveforce.com has the Telecom Bits