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Vancouver, BC

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reply to noclue6

Re: [BC] Did anyone else get an extra $3 hike this month?

Yes, my bill has also gone up by $3. As you say, we don't even get the courtesy of a notice of rate increase any more. I'm on the old 7.5 mbps plan, which now shows as $55/month base rate (wow!!). They won't switch me to the newer 10 mbps plan without taking away my discount, and that faster plan is listed as only $50/month, so this is clearly an attempt to force existing customers to give up discounts.

I prefer Shaw to Telus, but maybe it's time to do the switch this year and get these ridiculous rates back under control. I feel like an idiot paying $50/month for the slowest service as an existing customer while Shaw is spraying $10/month offers all over the place for new customers. Time to be a new customer for somebody!

Hmmm. There was a Telus door-to-door salesman here last week and he left me a proposal:
- 15 mbps internet
- Optik TV basic
- no contract (month-to-month)
- free install, free WiFi router
- 3 PVRs
- free HP laptop as a gift

$40/month for the first 6 months, $78/month after

I'm paying Shaw over $100/month (albeit with more TV channels), and they aren't offering me any gifts to stay. And I can't help noticing that I could leave the Telus month-to-month plan and come back to Shaw in 6 months, and I'd be magically transformed into a privileged new customer.

Calgary, AB
Just be sure you are aware,

The no-contract month-to-month, is excluded/waved if you get a free HP laptop.

-Posted from my phone.