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Cisco Kid


[optical] Unable to Open CD Rom to access data

For the past 10 years I have saved my tax return data file onto a CD Rom. Up until this year...no problems. When I went to save this years return onto the CD.....it showed nothing on Disc.

I did download...and think I properly ran IsoBuster. Not sure I even understand how to properly run IsoBuster, but, it did show the data Files by names....but in 7 different sessions. So at least I know the files are on this CD...but I don't know how to get them off so they can be used.

I am running the free Trial version of IsoBuster, could be if I want to get files off the disc I must buy the Software. I would hate to make that purchase to find out I wasted my Money.

Anyone know of another way, another free....even if only a Trial software I can use....that will make it simple and Easy to get these data files off this CD?

My plan would be to get the Data Files off and save them to a USB Thumb drive.........

I would throw it in another cd/dvd rom to make sure its not a bad drive.

Cisco Kid

Thanks, I did that before posting...in fact I even tried to open the CD disc on 2 other PC's......

next thing to do would be to see if the disc is damaged. Sometimes small/light scratches can be buffed out. You can find tutorials online. If the underlying damage can be repaired the data might be retrievable.


Oakland, CA
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Might be useful. I've used it but in a different scenario.


Houghton Lake, MI
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My first though was that you were using an older OS like XP when you wrote the files to this CD and are now using win 7 .

You might try reading this CD on an older system if that is true. You did not say what software if any you used to write this data to the CD. Windows XP had some built in writing if your CD driver support the format used, Mt. Rainer or some thing like that.

If you still can not read the disk like normal then this software i have used before to get the data off of bad disk.

This is another program you can use to find out what is on the disk and what you CD drive supports

Belleville, IL
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First, I'll say that multisession discs are a bad idea. There are numerous issues with using this format. Unless you educate yourself and know the pitfalls and possible problems, do NOT use multi-session.

Second, if it's important, create more than one copy on more than a single media type.

Having said that, there is some multi-session info here: »www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/CDRW

IsoBuster should be able to retrieve the data. I'm fairly sure you need the full version to recover the data. The free version simply allows you to see if it can read the disc or not. With that said, I haven't used it in ages. So someone else may have a better tool or can confirm for sure that the retail version will do the job.
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At the very least, it seems like a bad idea to use the same CD (which isn't a CD-ROM, since you're writing to it) year after year, if one's intent is to make sure one has a safe copy of valuable data.

As a general rule: writing to any disc imposes some level of risk to existing files. The disc could go insane at any moment. For CDs, there is the added multisession hazard: some screwup in writing an updated TOC could render the existing files inaccessible.

Nampa, ID
reply to Cisco Kid
If that disc you are using is ten years old, you might be in trouble. Optical discs (cd's, dvd's, etc) typically degrade over time; to the point of being completely useless.

Some reading material for ya: