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Re: Why would anyone use Acanac

I think using forum to judge can be good by reading forums in all providers you have an interest...

You have an idea on how customer service is when you see what kind of problem customer have.

If you compare to other providers, you can see the difference between those... If you constantly read that it's hard to get a refund in one provider and never see that kind of problem in the other, I think you know they're having a problem with that...

But I agree that Acanac are usually cheaper...
It also depends on what kind of customer you are... service or pricing? Are you able to wait to get thing solve? Do you have a Backup Internet access like I do in case it's not working?

Acanac deserves Quebec but they don't have any french service at all... Without Montreal area, nobody speak English here... That's a problem for a lot of customers. When I tell people what provider I use and I say it's English only, they don't want to use them! They prefer to pay a little bit more and having someone who can understand them and also give support on phone in French...

They are also loosing customer that way...
But that's their Business decision, not mine...

Toronto, ON


They also have their own forum.