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[speed/latency] Verizon turning down dsl signal

We had fairly reliable dsl service since 2008 but around May 2012 the speed became very slow. I called and was told the problem was the modem and was sent a D-Link 2750B (I think this is the correct model)...unfortunately the problem has continued to get worse despite new modem. We've had technicians out to the house twice and another one is coming this Monday. The last time (Sept.17) signal strength was .9 mpbs. The tech said we should be at 1.0 and called someone and we were up to 1.0. I am very very sure we had higher speeds than 1.0 in the past. The last time the tech also ordered a new and identical modem. I have not installed the new one yet. My 88 yr. old mom requires 24/7 care in this home and I have to have functioning reliable internet service. I am afraid the tech coming on Monday Oct. 1 is not going to do anything different than prev. two. Don't know what to do , please help, any suggestions?


In the interest of keeping the message short, I omitted my experience with countless and painful calls to Verizon in India
Also: Am I supposed to give the phone number of the house to identify the problem address? Thanks, I'm new here


This is a public forum so don't post your private info here. However, if Tim_k asks you to pm him your info, that's ok to do so since he works for Verizon and he can look remotely at your line.

You can post your problem on Verizon Direct: »Verizon Direct but they're only around on weekdays during set hours. The guidelines for posting there are here: »Posting Rules - They can follow up with you after your tech visit to see if things are fixed.

Generally, declines in broadband come from problems on your line (like excess noise) or from too much traffic at your DSLAM or other circuits. If your slowdowns come regularly at a set time such as weekdays after 5pm, it's likely you have a traffic problem. If you have phone service with your dsl, you can check for a noise problem by lifting up a phone receiver and pressing one button and listening for any static.

You might be able to find some useful stats telling you the condition of your line by opening a browser and typing into the address bar, which should open a page to your modem. If your modem gives SNR, attenuation, download/upload speed stats, those things are helpful in diagnosing a problem and are ok to post here. Don't post MAC addresses and IP info, though.


Thanks for your reply. To troubleshoot, we've done everything! The problem is somewhere from the central office to the house. I can open 192....site but since yesterday there is NO internet. It is no longer a slowness issue. It is completely cut off. I hope Tim_k will contact me. many thanks.

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Sorry, just had surgery....again and I'll be out of work until probably Dec.

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There is some kind of line issue with either the inside or outside wiring that the tech failed to take time to correct . That said i want to move onto an important point. Medical issues / devices should NOT depend on UNREGULATED internet service. Seek alternate / backup means for medical issues / devices.


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We are having the same problem - our down speed is 1.28 - Verizon said there was nothing wrong for the past weeks - however once I told them the speed - they did find a problem with our line and possibly modem which we got in 2006 - -


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@Tim K: Speedy recovery! I'll wait til your back in Dec also have turning down DSL issues and surgery myself.


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I had 7.1 meg DSl now I am down to 4 meg every time i have sync issues Verizon slows me down instead of slowing me down they need to find the issue that is causing the problem
my issue is degrading after time does any one have the contact number to the corporate office so I can contact them to see if they can fix the problem that is causing the issue to be fixed correctly.

but it's a dry heat

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No phone number, but a polite email here got my issues solved 2+ years ago.

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