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Re: [Availability] Ports Full In Theodore, Alabama Area

This is funny I found this post. My husband and I just purchased a house in Theodore and my realtor who lives on the same street told us she has At&T for internet and Direct TV for satellite TV so we followed suit.

I called to get Direct TV, that was no issue and they said they bundle with At&t in our area and gave me their number (I also currently have At&t at our apartment) I called to get internet service hooked up and they said it's not offered on our street...when clearly it is but for whatever reason they aren't allowing anymore customers.

I've spent countless hours trying to get a logical answer no one has an explanation, it's definitely frustrating. To top it all off Mediacom has internet caps and that is the strangest thing I have ever heard, honestly. With gaming, everything being online these days, I just am totally confused. I also run and online business and am constantly online doing emails, etc. I have a big family who all use the internet and it just isn't possible to not exceed the internet cap, the customer service rep referred me to their commercial CSR?!

I come from the Midwest and we have around 5 different cable companies with no issues at all like i'm having down here. Our neighborhood is fairly new and definitely occupied with lots of families. But now we are left with no internet options.