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Mississauga, ON
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Re: Anyone else having connection problems atm?

I think it's a bigger issue than DNS. A friend of my has Rogers Internet and had her do a traceroute to one of my servers and it seems to die between Rogers and Cogent.

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Fibre cut is in Mississauga area


London, ON

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Well, why don't RIM oops Rogers just reroute around the affected lines? Surely Rogers can't be that incompetent that they let half of Ontario go down.

Who's running the tech show at Rogers? Bozo the clown??

The first thing you would build into a network is a backup system..........

Where's all these "Network upgrades" we get ripped off for yearly??

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Owen Sound, ON

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Rogers is having a serious outage.
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Change your DNS to Google DNS and the issue will be is resolved. Now stop whining people and get to work!

I am likely only one who doesn't know how to do that (change DNS to Google). any chance you might help?

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Brampton: internet for me is stop and go loads and then stops loading....1888 rogers1 also says number cannot be reached as well sometimes busy tone....craptastic weekend


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Sure, change to Google DNS and let them track ALL your internet activity. Or, you could choose the fastest DNS servers.


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Techs are en route to fix the issue. Hold times for Rogers are over 2 hours. So dont bother calling in.

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If this is helpful in any way: I logged into my modem, chose the "Wireless" options and changed the DNS server numbers (either to or one of those listed on the website JAC70 linked above)

formerly 'shaded'

Ottawa, ON

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there's over 50% packet loss between Cogent and Rogers right now because of the cut and lack of capacity. only way around it is to wait for them to fix the cut fiber so so capacity can be increased.

if you have access to a VPN provider or can tunnel your data through a route that doesn't go through Cogent, it should be a lot better.

edit: i read above mention of a cut, is this confirmed anywhere?


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How do I change my DNS?

I am using a Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway router.. if that helps.


Ottawa, ON
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RogersHelps on Twitter reported this around 9:30pm:

Internet issues some wireline / wireless customers were experiencing should now be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I was out for a few minutes just after 8pm yesterday. Only downtime I noticed but then again I wasn't connected all day...

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said by ranma006:

How do I change my DNS?

I am using a Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway router.. if that helps.

» ··· cs/using

Instructions apply to any DNS servers.

Changing the settings in your router depends on the the make and model. But basically if you change them in windows, the client doesn't use the router's settings for DNS. But the settings will be specific to the PC you changed the settings on, not anyone connected to your router/modem.

Even though the problem has apparently been fixed, probably not a bad idea to try it out and write down some alternate DNS server settings someplace.
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The Geezer
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OpenDNS for me. It is very fast and filters out a lot of garbage. It also is quick to warn users off accidental navigation to dangerous web sites.
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I think it's more than DNS problem. I had all kind of problems from Rogers yesterday. Now I am in Hamilton with Bell Fibe 25 and the same thing happens. Some web sites never respond or take a long time to load. When I ping with the web site, the IP resolved right away, just didn't get a response. Some fiber somewhere got cut affecting both Rogers and Bell