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Lanett, AL
reply to aguen

Re: ESXi PF Exception 14

I have not tried that yet. I do want to shut down the existing VMs on the other host and upload one of the troublesome VMs and see what it does on that host. I fully expect it to crash as well but it will help narrow things down. Both hosts are on 5.1 already. What's the best way to export/import? All I've really been doing is downloading from the datastore, uploading to the datastore and adding the VMX to inventory or editing the existing VM to see the new vmdk.

What other info would I need to provide to help diagnose this? I've tried some methods found on Google to collect just the crash dump logs but either I'm doing something wrong or it's one of those subtle changes between 4.x/5.0 and 5.1? I do have the full system logs (172MB worth) that I can upload to dropbox or somewhere and post a link to if that would help?