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Lanett, AL
reply to aguen

Re: ESXi PF Exception 14

OK maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here? Maybe it's 5.1 in general? I was shutting down VMs on my other host and got the following crash message:
NOT_IMPLEMENTED bora/vmkernel/sched/memsched.c:17724

Here's the kicker, I got that crash (identical, wrote it down) repeatedly on the original host in question here after the upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1. Every time I booted the host it would crash with that error within minutes. I eventually figured it was something that didn't upgrade properly so I wiped the flash drive and did a fresh install of 5.1 and never saw the error again.

This other host hasn't shown that error before either until now and it was on VM shutdown? This other host was also a fresh install of 5.1 right off the bat (was going to make this host Hyper-V but decided to do ESXi again on it) so there wasn't an "upgrade anomaly" to deal with. If it's not 5.1 in general, maybe it's the flash drive(s)?