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Grants Pass, OR
reply to JoelC707

Re: ESXi PF Exception 14

I wasn't aware from your OP that the other host had already been upgraded, so now you probably need to make a decision as to how quickly you need to get these 2 hosts sorted out I guess. At this point, as you were already considering migrating to hyper-v maybe you should go that route. Otherwise, I'd try to go back to 5.0, if your VM's run ok again, then try patching the 5.0 up to whatever level it currently is and see how that goes. After that, try the upgrade again.

Lanett, AL
Converting to Hyper-V is going to mean rebuilding a lot of the VMs and that licensing/activation thing I wanted to avoid. I tested conversions on some of the VMs (copies of them) and they generally converted without issue but the apps running on them were deactivated due to hardware changes (a given). If I've got to rebuild most of my VM's I might as well go that route but I'd prefer to get them running as is.

I'm thinking I'm going to downgrade this host in question to 5.0 and see if the original VMs will launch without crashes. If it will, maybe it's some bug in 5.1 and I'll just stick with 5.0 instead.