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Walnut Creek, CA
reply to QuantumPimp

Re: TekSavvy - glorified reseller, not ISP

said by QuantumPimp:

said by The Mongoose:

They absolutely should not make this a priority. Given that it would involve a massive and probably unwinnable legal fight to get the CRTC to force Rogers to provide such tools, I'd rather they kept the money and maintain their low prices.

Agreed. I often wonder what would happen if customers successfully deluge the CRTC with complaints and thus force a change to service level agreements. Does this automatically mean even more money and power to the incumbents? I'd rather trust TSI to apply pressure, when required, to enhance their product as they see fit.

Now, being a couple thousand miles outside of TSI's service area, I can't say with any level of certainty that they're doing a good job of this, but I will say this: I've followed TSI for the last 7 years or so; should I ever find myself within their service area for an extended period of time, they will have my business. Everything I've read in these forums seems to indicate that they're doing an excellent job in the face of unreasonable suppliers (who are only so because they are also competitors).

To put things into perspective, go into any other ISP's forum here and count the complaint threads. Now, divide those numbers by the most reasonable estimate of the number of subscribers for each ISP you can find, to get a percentage of users who complain here. Where does TSI fall in that list? Last time I did this compared to the ISPs I've used personally, they were at the bottom of the list, lowest percentage of complaints; given that they're probably the ISP with the highest percentage of DSLR users out of the ISPs I compared (AT&T, Cox, and Comcast, 3 US ISPs, though I'm sure anyone here already knows that). That's farkin' impressive.