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Re: [TWC] New Modem Lease Fee NYC

This is my question too. When I was looking at the approved devices list at the indicated website, I was asked if I wanted to chat with a csr. The online rep I talked to stated that her information is that Turbo should work with Docsis 2 modems (which I am assuming is true since no one has offfered me a docsis 3 modem and I have been using turbo for years now). So why do I need a docsis 3 modem? I am really considering RCN now as I am already paying $62/month just for 20/2 internet service. RCN is advertising 50/6 for $50 this year, 60 next and 70 in year 3. The only problem is getting my wife switched out from the TWC email system. I live in Astoria and fios isn't here and probably won't be here to the very last date required by their contract (if they ever do get here).

Sortof Agoblin
Orchard Park, NY
" So why do I need a docsis 3 modem? "

My belief this would be to cover any future upgrade. If TWC upped the speed of Turbo to something that required a D3 modem we would see complaints in here from someone who just bought a D2 modem and now its been superseded by D3.

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