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Heave Steve, for the good of the country

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reply to Wolfie00

Re: Canadian comes home from Guantanamo

said by Wolfie00:

Correct. The issue here is the determination of the sentence. We are dealing here with something rarely dealt with in ordinary criminal law. Normal assumptions about criminal motivations and rehabilitation may be naive and inadequate in this situation, and put Canadians at risk.

If the US has such an ironclad case on him, why did they plea bargain? It was that the whole legality of the kangaroo court in Gimo is in question and that whatever they 'got' out of him was obtained by torture.

He plead guilty because his lawyers were denied access to evidence to mount a proper defense. With the plea, which I'm sure he'll recant, and probably justifiably so, he gets out of prison and has a chance to have a life. A number of prisoners @ Gitmo mentally cracked and committed suicide under the "treatment" regime there. Remember - just because you're a prisoner somewhere doesn't make one guilty of anything.

So let me ask two questions of those of you here who thinks Khadr should be drawn, quartered, hanged, boiled, burned, etc....

If a US soldier showed up on your doorstep tomorrow (ie. US invaded Canada for some reason - or let's say if was the French were invading us for labeling Niagara sparkling wine as "Champagne") and started shooting into your house, at you & your family/kids, what would you do?
a) invite him in to drink beer and watch HNIC?
b) say, "Please handcuff me, put a black hood over my head, and torture me"?
c) double-tap him in the head with your unregistered long gun?

Irrespective of the law, would you feel that you did the right thing in choosing option C under the circumstances?