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This is a sub-selection from Seriously?

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Re: Seriously?

said by wirelessdog:

You are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I'm not saying they are not providing bad service - they may well be. What I am saying is, it isn't "abuse" as you put it. Cancel the account and move on to a different provider.

From what I gather with this review you are posting for someone else. Care to clarify?

That's the same questions I have been asking. If you read it, it typically doesn't meet an individual service review. That's the whole point behind the review. I kept thinking it's against DSLR's policy to use reviews for advertizing (cruzio comes to mind) or handbilling of potentially political issues. Now had he talked about individual service that would have been a different story, but so far I see nothing to indicate this was individual service.

As far as speed drops, probably a sync problem. Most people here realize that DSL is sold in speed tiers with a minimum and a maximum speed. Since you have a MODEM the DSLAM and the MODEM will negotiate for the best possible speed based on tones it recieves (think large faster dial-up modem negotiation). Now if those tones do not add up to the full speed, of course you get less. Just like you did when you dialed up expecting 53kbps instead you got 28.8. DSL isn't much different except it does it on a larger scale and you don't have to have a dial tone on your line, and not dialing a number.

For instance, let's take just the profile of "express" for 13 state.

that profile has a minimum of 384/128 sync.
It has a maximum of 1536/384.
Now, in a perfect world, where cabling is perfect and no one was over 1000ft from a Central office or Remote terminal you would get 1536/384.

Fact is people live many different distances from the Central office or Remote terminal. One person might be living with the remote right in their back yard, another person might be living up to 2 miles away from the same remote. I don't expect the guy living 2 miles from the service terminal to get 6mbps at over 11000ft. I would expect him to get 6mbps at 1000ft. There is a large difference between both distances.

Even internal wiring in the house can play a role in distance. I saw one case I had once where the old 4 prong wiring added what I see is 10,000ft of resistance to a line. It was barely hanging on to 384/128 while the rest of the neighbors had 3mbps (some even had 6!) While this might look as discrimination, it's nothing more than wiring in a premise problem. Since 1984, the wiring in a home belongs to the end user/homeowner and never was at&t's responsibility after that. That seems to be forgotten quite often by homeowners. Just recently I heard today that in some newer homes they are not even putting in phone jacks anymore. Today it's just ethernet jacks with ethernet wiring ran to them.

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Re: Seriously?

We have a wholesale agreement with most carriers to resell service. I don't think I have ever sold an AT&T account but it comes to mind they aren't like Verizon. When you run the prequalification it comes up with a speed range IIRC. That is probably for a reason.
This is a sub-selection from Seriously?