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This is a sub-selection from root canal?

Fairfield, CA

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Re: root canal?

Been through several root canals and worse.
A bad childhood dentist drilled into the meniscus (layer before the root) on several teeth and put in fillings in without doing a root canal. (If the tooth bleeds the meniscus has been punctured) So 15-20 years later the resulting abscesses went critical and required oral surgeries, loss of several teeth, and installing bridges across the missing teeth which also defaces the adjoining teeth into posts.

If the meniscus is punctured while drilling, a root canal procedure stops the problem for a long time.
It involves opening the tooth to get infection drained. Then hot metal probes are inserted and manipulated to clean out the root nerve and blood vessel material and sterilizes the inside channels of the tooth. Finally a plug material is inserted to fill the root canals and a cap is bonded to provide a top surface to chew on.

If they cannot get the severe pain stopped before cleaning the root material, the infection itself is preventing the anesthetic from working and the root material cleaning procedure likely has to be postponed unless you have great tolerance for pain. Seeing an endontist is probably an option at that point.