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reply to OneWorld9

Re: TekSavvy - glorified reseller, not ISP

said by OneWorld9:

+1 ... announcements like this and others will a) show they know what's going on, and b) prevent a lot of wasted time troubleshooting, etc. Granted, power is a lot simpler to troubleshoot than your ISP connection, but TekSavvy needs to work towards that kind of knowledge of their customers' connections (at least from the network side).

Short of pinging all their customers on a routine basis ... which means they have to be told by Rogers who's been assigned what IP, there's no way that TSI can tell who's having problems. Supply side monitoring is very very difficult. Rogers won't in any hurry provide access to their DHCP service to implement supply side monitoring.

Electric power companies also tend to rely on client side monitoring too and as a result the delays tend to result in cascade failures like the Ontario outage a few years back. Supply side monitoring is far more common at the power distribution level in Europe so cascade failures are far less common, but that requires more infrastructure that it would be very costly to implement in an internet environment.

The other problem with supply side monitoring is the tin-foil-hat folk will start up with "What's my ISP doing probing my system ever hour every day? They're spying on us."