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Re: Why was a scam company able to raise $76 Million Series B?

I don't think this is anything new.

Some years ago I had a prepaid cell phone with one of the middle tier providers. I was trying to purchase a ringtone at their website (as I'd done in the past) without success so I tried from the phone. The screens on the phone browser (not a smartphone) were very small and hard to read and I inadvertently "signed-up" for a $10/month service (charged to my account).

When I saw the charge the next month I complained and got it reversed but still had to cancel the "service" I never wanted.

BTW I never did get the ringtone. No matter, I'm no longer with that provider.

The point is that this kind of stuff isn't rare. If you check your CC/other accounts frequently you'll be out one/two charges at most.
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Re: Why was a scam company able to raise $76 Million Series B?

Yeah, there are scam companies out there. Take for example a story about Naveen Jain and his Intelius. The guy has a history (»seattletimes.com/news/business/i ··· fospace/) and that history is not good. Still, he runs Intelius and makes tons of money and nobody is doing nothing about it.