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Re: root canal?

Endodontic therapy (root canal) removes the pulp of the tooth that has become necrotic (dead) or irreversible pulpitis (it's probably dying).

Swollen gums are generally gingivitis or periodontitis in which a scaling and root planing would be done by a general dentist. If it's really bad then a periodontist is the specialist who would treat it.

Any dentist could do an anterior root canal. They're straight lines unless there is some sort of calcification then an endodontist with a microscope should do it.

A proper endodontic consultation will consist of percussion testing (bite on a tooth sleuth), heat / cold, and asking if the pain keeps you up at night.

However if there is a deep filling close to the pulp chamber dentist who did the filling hopefully put calcium hydroxide in there to encourage secondary dentin regeneration.

The fact that you say the antibiotics are helping indicates there probably is an infection in the pulp chamber and you will need the root canal. If you can get a digital copy of your x-ray, that would be nice.

You'll also need a crown afterwards.
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