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This is a sub-selection from root canal?

Richmond, VA
reply to MineCoast

Re: root canal?

If you have ever experienced a full blown abscessed tooth, you would act on this in a hurry. If you go to an Endodontist, they will test the tooth with heat and cold. If it is over-reactive to either they will probably recommend a root canal. A root canal can be screwed up and I avoid letting general dentists perform them, although in an emergency I recently did with mixed results. You may not have a problem for years, but in my opinion an Endodontist is going to do a more thorough job more often because that is all they do and they have a lot more experience than your dentist performing that procedure.

Your dentist is probably going to want to put a crown on the dead tooth. You don't want to skip that if recommended because the tooth is very fragile and if broken in the wrong place, you are looking at a 4-5 thousand dollar implant, a $2500 bridge or something else very expensive.

Basically, if you trust you dentist, listen to him/her, but there is nothing wrong with a 2nd opinion and nothing wrong wrong letting a specialist do the work. You dentist will still make plenty of money on the crown.