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Trenton, MI

ultra tv / xbox live issues

I have an Asus rt-n66u running in AP mode connected to my ultra TV gateway. Starting yesterday I cannot for the life of me get either xbox to connect or sign in to xbox live. I also have a wndr3700 running dd-wrt in AP mode connected to the gateway as well.

Both APs are in same subject and IP range, using gateway IP as the gateway IP. It seems no configuration combo of the gateway helps except port forwarding right to the xbox, and even that is sketchy. This has worked fine for a year now. I've tried putting the boxes, router in dmz, port forwarding you name it. Hard wiring works fine. Wtf is going on, any bright ideas?


Trenton, MI
FWIW - I spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out WTF was going on here. Turns out when I went upstairs to test on my 2nd xbox that has the external wifi connector, I must have been tired or seeing another sign-in issue, as that one works fine all the time.

Turns out I started trying to play with other scenarios, so I took an old router and configured it for a wireless client bridge, connected to exact same AP radio that is connected to my Ultra TV gateway and plugged that into the xbox. This test was intended to see if it was an issue with my wireless AP not sending a stable signal. In fact, this worked flawlessly. I was pissed.

What I take from this was the internal wifi on the xbox was dying. I didn't bother going into turning off encryption or playing with channels. The most confusing thing for me was that it always brought in a good signal, and did in fact connect, but never well. Lesson learned is always rule out all variables! Hardwired for everything for me for now on!!