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Kelowna, BC

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Standalone VDSL modem

I have recently stopped my Optik TV service and have decided to go with just High Speed Turbo 25 internet. I have a D-Link DIR-625 I would like to use but apparently Telus no longer carries standalone VDSL modems, just the Actiontec and ZyXEL gateways. Both these gateways are very locked down and don't allow any advanced networking. I would like to manually set the DNS for using Open DNS and VPN's.

I currently have the Actiontec V1000H on 31.30L.55 firmware, and have thought about trying to connect the DIR-615 as an access point, but really would like to avoid a double NAT.

Does anyone have a solution (perhaps how to change DNS through telnet?) or perhaps know where I can get a standalone VDSL modem like the ALU's TELUS used to have? As I understand it there is no 31.30L.55 modified firmware like there was for .48

I am in BC


Call in and talk to Loyalty and request they deliver an ALU to you. They're still available, but mainly for businesses. Say you need it to utilize the two public IPs with a switch or something, but be persistent and call in a few times if you need to. You just need to find the right rep who will take the time to help you out.


reply to Jase24
I would never use a dsl/router , cable/router combination. Too many privacy issues, mainly if the unit for no reason decides to reset to default and open.
Plus the backdoor meant for trouble shooting and firmware upgrades that could also reset your unit to insecure. Abouts 5 years ago some cable units in the u.s.a. got hacked with a virus spewing firmware via neighborhood network scanning and very sloppy security access protocols.

Make a complaint to the 'Privacy Commissioner' if Telus can not provide you with a VDSL modem that allows you to have a 'secure router' attached that no one but you can access. Drag that ancient department up to at least 2003. Then be firm and have them order a modem program instituted at Telus for everyone else too.

Otherwise many dollars of your own money to get your own owned modem, that gives you a 'secure private network'. Plus no needing to complain about 'bridging' dsl or cable units anymore.
The Zyxel vdsl modem with the proper protocol seem to be hard to find as no one puts links to lower cost units, but cheer when they have gotten a unit for low cost.


Coquitlam, BC
Zyxel modems are available. I found a few places with them in stock.