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Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

Cyber raiders hold Queensland firms to $3K ransom by locking

computer files

ALMOST 30 Australian businesses, including 12 in Queensland, have been held to ransom in the past week by cybercriminals who lock up their computer files with unbreakable encryption.
Some businesses have paid the ransom of $3000 or more to unlock their files, rather than lose all their data, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of Queensland's fraud and corporate crime group said.

Supt Hay said he expected there could be many more Australian victims of the malicious software, known as Ransomware, who have not reported the attacks to police.

"A lot of businesses can't afford the interruptions to their trade and will pay straight away," Supt Hay said.

The businesses known to have been attacked include medical centres in Brisbane and central Queensland, and medical, entertainment, clothing and insurance businesses around Australia.

Businesses have found their customer records have been locked after malware has been downloaded on to servers.

The criminals then send ransom emails demanding $3000 cash payment, to be sent to Hong Kong and China via Western Union, for release of the files.

An extra $1000 is demanded for every day the businesses delay paying.

Gladiator Security Forum


They either didn't know the basics or didn't care to spend the funds to at least cover the basics and either from a lack of knowledge and understanding or lack of brains and too tight on the monetary needs - but then they may not have had spare funds either.

I'd hate to be in the position you need the file data back because you have no back ups, nor security. But then small businesses especially would have the funds allocated to keep the business running as first priority. Computers are probably still 5 to 10 yrs old and still not ready for fund injection due to all the price hikes of essential utilities as well as the private sector increase.

I'd hate to own a company and be tight on finances in today's environment. That's another topic I gather but you all hear it enough.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke

Chilliwack, BC
reply to Name Game

I crappy part is the hackers must have a copy of the files for their own means.