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Re: [LA] SB6120 T3 Timeouts

Seems as though the problems I'm having are coming from packet loss. Even when I'm not getting T3 timeouts I have between 2-8% packet loss. I ordered some RG6 cables to replace all of the old ones we have connecting TVs to the walls. I'm not sure if there's any ingress coming from those cables but they're probably 15+ years old so I might as well switch them out to see if it helps. Might also call up support to see if they can drop new wall wires (those are probably 20+ years old).

I managed to catch what I assume to be a line tech checking out our box by the street. Really, really nice guy (Thanks Clint! Doubt you will see this). He said that the issues I'm having could be from all over the node and it's hard to pinpoint the exact issue. Said he would put a ping plotter test on my modem (hopefully he does do that). I guess all I can really do is wait and see.



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reply to volgon4
I went into the attic to look at the wiring, I thought maybe we had some old wires that could be causing the packet loss. It looked like all of the cables were either RG6s or RG59s. The coax cables feeding into the attic (the point of entry cable I guess you could say) from the outside and the one down the wall into the room with the modem were both RG6s so I think I'm okay there.

The tech that came out last Friday also put a filter in the attic to prevent the modem from pushing noise into the line. What cable is the filter supposed to be on, the cable that leads to my room (which contains the modem) or the cable leading to all the other rooms (which only have TV)?

An update: I provisioned the 5120 again so I could do some ping tests with it. I've had good results: 0-1% packet loss (the 1% is fairly uncommon and to be expected from time to time), normal ping and low jitter (most of the time). Before the switch my 6120 was getting anywhere from 2-8% packet loss, normal ping and high jitter (20-40ms). This seems to point to my issues being related to the modem. I'm going to keep the 5120 running for a while; I had separate issues with that modem (it rebooted randomly) so I'll keep an eye on the modem logs.