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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to tunerX

Re: DDW3611 native NAT mode and wireless problems.

said by tunerX:

When I first got the modem I had problems with wireless and wired disconnecting periodically along with a high number of lost packets. I would check my power levels and they seemed fine enough but I always had a high number of correctable and uncorrectable codewords. For 10K worth of pings to google.com or to the UBEE itself. I would about lose about 10-20 percent. Occasionally, I would have to reboot the modem and all would be well for a while.

I read on the forum that you can disable the wireless and use your own wireless AP for which I had a WAP4410N. I disabled the wireless on the UBEE and used the WAP and found that I was more consistent for 10K worth of pings I would only drop 2-5 percent to the google.com and about 1-2 percent pinging the UBEE. Also, correctable and uncorrectable codewords dropped considerably.

I then followed some other advice on the forum and used my own router and put the UBEE into bridge mode. Since then I have completed 40K pings with 0 percent packet loss and my current UBEE cable modem downstream dialog shows zero for correctable and uncorrectable codewords. If I add the NAT mode back in I get packet loss and and codeword errors; If I add the built-in WiFi I get considerably more. This is a 100 percent repeatable process.

Now for the question, why is the UBEE totally useless if you want to use the WIFI and NAT features? It seems as if it does not have the horsepower or possibly the modem contains multiple firmware bugs that make it useless as an all-in-one device.

Throughout the entire 2 month exercise, I have been constantly checking my UBEE statuses, Power Level and RXMer have been consistant throughout all of these discovery exercises.

one of your problems is you are missing downstream 3 which is 555MHz.