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Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
reply to ArnoldM

Re: Three Strikes Policy

Ultimately, Mediacom slicing my line so many times did play a big role. The last time it got sliced and Qwest came out and reconnected it, I started having serious degradation of my speed and stability. Qwest insisted they just couldn't handle servicing 1.5 mbit to my neighborhood anymore and decided they'd need to downgrade me to at least 640/256kbit. Before that final cut, my service had been top notch - rock solid, never disconnecting, etc. They refused to look at the line to see if something had been screwed up during the last reconnect at the box down the street. 1.5mbit was barely tolerable, 640 was absolutely unacceptable and I refused to downgrade, hoping that eventually the line would clear up. Hell, I considered cutting the line again myself just to get them to put a new line in again. But it never cleared up, and I never got over half my advertised speed, so I eventually jumped ship to Mediacom. In terms of the quality of service, it's generally good, but in terms of corporate policies like three strikes and starting to nickel and dime for every piece of equipment, and even billing twice for the same device, it stinks. Unfortunately, CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) isn't offering anything better speed-wise in my neighborhood even this many years later.
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reply to CappinHoff
said by CappinHoff:

As for proof, they have your IP address and your mac address. Since you can't change macs(only clone them) and your IP has a record to where and who it was used with, that's pretty good evidence.

No, the have an alleged IP address, alleged time, and alleged infringing transmission.

That, is the problem.