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Internet drop-outs

Just lately, I've been having weird issues with my internet dropping out. The TV and phones continue to work fine, but no internet. Seems like it may be dropping out when under load, downloading, but I'm not 100% sure, haven't really tried to test that theory. I've got a BH-provided Ubee modem, which is bridged into my D-Link DGL-4100 router.
At first, I thought it was DNS problems. I've got an active directory set up at home, and I was thinking it was having problems, but during these outages, I cannot even ping outside IP addresses. Internet will also fail for non-domain computers in the house, so that made me think it was the internet.
When it does go out, if I wait 15 minutes or so, it will come back. If I go and unplug and remove the battery from the modem, and then power it back up, service is restored right away. So this makes me think it's the modem acting up.
When the internet does go out, at first I thought it was my router. Since the service is set up to do DHCP on the WAN side, I tried to simply release my IP and then renew it. The modem gave the router an IP of, which of course seemed very wrong, since that's a private IP. Of course, with that IP I still could not access internet. I tried renewing the IP a few times, with the same result until I reset the modem, at which point I got an IP in a public range, and things worked great again.
Lately, this has been happening several times a day, so I'm wondering if anyone else would think this sounds like a modem issue. I was considering getting one of the Motorola Surfboards, I've heard good things about them, but it can't hurt to see what the forums say first. Thanks for reading!

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Please open a direct forums thread so I can take a look.