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[DVR] Cannot set series recording

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts a new season Oct. 11. I tried to set a sereis recording for it and got the message "cannot set a series recording at this time". It does appear in the series manager list but the checkmark in the grid is the one used for a single recording. This ever happen to anyone?
And speaking of series, if you have The Simpsons set to record first run only episodes you should check the the Oct. 7 Treehouse Of Horror Show. The DVR thinks it's a repeat and won't record it unless you tell it to.


Fountain Valley, CA
usually it means you have a conflict. usually always sunny has two episodes per night, so if one is not in conflict, it will record, but if the second half is in conflict then you'll get that error

There are no conflicts.
As far as the Simpsons, that's my mistake. Turns out that there are two Treehouse of Horror episodes airing Sunday. One of them is a repeat and that is the one that won't record.

So I decided to go to the series recording list and delete the series recording for Sunny. I then went back to the grid and tried again to set a series recording and this time it worked. I also set one for American Horror Story without any problems.
Guess it was just a glitch of some sort.

The guide data for Sunday, Oct. 7 for FOX wasn't accurate. Remember the two Simpsons episodes I said were listed, it was changed to only one but it was listed at Treehouse XXII when it should have been XXIII. The Cleveland Show was listed twice, but the second listing was actually Bobs Burgers. No wonder the DVR had problems recording.