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reply to norwegian

Re: Canada and the US Government hacked by China

said by norwegian:

What I don't understand is how breaches like this are listed publicly, yet it can come from anywhere behind a proxy, bounced off all sorts of servers and they know it is tied to the Chinese? I'd be thinking more Ukraine or a similar turf before the Chinese.

Just a personal view though.

From the Free Beacon article:
...Despite the administration national security official’s assertion, one defense official said there is fairly solid intelligence linking the penetration of the WHMO network to China, and there are concerns that the attackers were able to breach the classified network. ...
While no details are given, it is stated that there were some "intelligence links" to China. What this constitutes is not defined, but for a DoD official to state it usually implies either independent intel (not purely from within the incident itself) or trace details within the incident that aren't being publicly released - or both. Typically, this signals that it's more than conjecture. Here on the 'outside', one is left to believe what they will...
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