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Evansville, IN
reply to NuclearXP

Re: Wow Ultra TV and Streaming with TVersity Playback problems

Interesting, so you found the actual way they were ripped can have an effect on their ability to stream? Again, not having an issue with the files themselves, only when trying to stream.

I'll see what settings they were ripped at and report back. I'm fearing it has to do with the Arrix Moxi box and less to do with rip quality.

Do you have Ultra TV? I'm struggling to find a lot of specific information to the WoW setup.


Trenton, MI

Yes - it has everything to do with how they're ripped. Yes, I have Ultra TV. It has to do with the WOW media players having the ability to properly play back the video.

You can play with forcing TVersity to encode the media, but that for me always produced inconsistent results.

If you like, find Handbrake (its freeware) and test encoding a few small snippets of your source video.


Evansville, IN

Awesome, thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

I tried forcing TVersity to transcode, but it absolutely would not transcode unless I was streaming to any other device, besides the Arris gateway.

Even though I had individual folders set to encode and the over all settings to force encoding, it just wouldn't do it.