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Royal Oak, MI
reply to rody_44

Re: Basic DVR without renting from comcast, and not using a pc

said by rody_44:

Wow, Tivo must love you. He only records 20 shows a year. Lets see a new tivo around 300.00 and 12 dollars a month. That only comes out to about 44.00 a recording for the first year.

You can get a new Tivo for $100. You can pay either a "lifetime" fee of $500 or pay $15 per month for the service. Either way you'll have to pay the monthly cable card fee.

Tivo's aren't cheap, but they're probably the best dvr available for cable subscribers. Well, I actually feel that pc dvr solutions are the best, but a lot of people would have problems setting one up.

I don't own a Tivo or work for them. I have Dish Network plus a usb pc tuner for ota recording. DirectTV and Dish Network's dvr's make cabelco boxes look like something out of the stone age. If I switched to cable, I sure as hell would bite the bullet and pay for a cable card solution for a dvr.