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it is safe for ups inner circuit

i asked about a question that is it is safe to changing the battery of the ups with car battery , but it kills the inner circuit of the ups iwant to kno and my ups is v-gaurd slender plus 600 i want to chane my battery with car battery it is safe or not please tell to me about that irequested to you

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If you can't spell then it's likely unsafe for you.

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while changing an SLA battery in a UPS unit with a standard sized motor vehicle battery will work, the long term current supplied by a motor vehicle battery is short in terms to an SLA battery, a motor vehicle battery is designed to supply high current in a short time, so dont expect much more of a longer run time using a motor vehicle battery.
a few issues if you choose to use a motor vehicle battery:
1) the motor vehicle battery will generate hydrogen gas when being charged/used, so keep the battery in a ventilated space.
2) the charging circuit in the UPS is designed for an SLA battery so it will not "fully" charge a motor vehicle battery even though a motor vehicle battery will work, it wont be "full potential".
3) the battery will eventually "sulfur" and the run time will get shorter and shorter over time due to the way a UPS charging circuit is designed for an SLA battery.
its better to use a sealed "gel" type battery that is designed to deliver current in the long term such as those for RV trailers/boats.
most UPS units are designed to work at 24 volts dc and most common batteries are 12 volts so you will need to get two batteries and connect them in series to get 24 volts.
if you choose to use an external battery, use a large blade fuse from at least one terminal off each battery rated 20 amps higher than the maximum current you intend to draw from the battery as well as using the correct type gauge wire to deliver the current.
the bigger the battery, the longer it takes to charge from the UPS unit - overkill isnt necessary, typically, doubling the capacity is sufficient.
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I would have to agree with cowboyro on this one.

Lead acid batteries (liquid or gel) are very dangerous and unforgiving to work with.

If you do not know exactly what you are doing, you are heading for disaster.
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said by cowboyro:

If you can't spell then it's likely unsafe for you.


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The charge time for a large external battery with that UPS will be downright ridiculous!

Manufacturer spec is 6 to 7 hour recharge time, and that's with the tiny internal 12V 7Ah battery.

You're better off obtaining a UPS that is already designed to accept external batteries, as they usually have chargers that are capable of a much higher output so that the batteries can be recharged in a reasonable amount of time.

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While car battery voltages are low, and there is little potential of a direct shock, the amperage potential is very high, and shorting a wire, or a ring on your finger can result in fire, or even serious injury.

Given how the question was phrased, and the way you worded it, I do not recommend taking on this task. You seem unqualified...

I could very likely be wrong.. But all we know of you is text on a screen, and what I've seen of that isn't encouraging..

I'm not ripping on you, Please don't take it that way.. Its just none of us want to see anyone get hurt from taking on a project thats beyond their capabilities.

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said by surendra :

... is it is safe to changing the battery of the ups with car battery , but it kills the inner circuit of the ups

If the car battery already killed some circuit inside your UPS, it was obviously not safe to use it.

UPS batteries are usually "sealed" type while car batteries are usually "flooded" type. Generally it is not safe to replace one type with another.

You should read the user manual of the exact model of your UPS (V-Guard Slender Plus 600?) to find out what type(s) and size(s) of batteries it supports. You can buy similar type (sealed) battery made by another company but please stay within the maximum size (amp-hour) allowed by your UPS.