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reply to Zorack

Re: Home setup v2



Chicago, IL
I remember reading a thread on this long ago.

I envoy all of it.
Your home brewed racks, layout, wiring, your office layout.
except one thing.
After working for a year and a half being 5 feet away from two 4 post racks full of gear.

again, your workmanship is superb to the 10th degree!


Marietta, GA
Agreed with you on the noise.. I used to have a pretty impressive looking rack of gear. Had a total of five servers, couple of switches, some extra Cisco gear, etc.

I got tired of listening to it and paying for it in the form of power.

So through virtualization and a pretty beefy ram upgrade on one of them, I was able to consolidate everything down to a pair of Dell Poweredge R300 1U servers. These servers run much more quietly than the two 2950s I used to have. I also have eliminated all of the unnecessary network gear.

So now I have the two R300s, a single fanless Gbit switch and an old P3 running IPCop for my firewall. I've removed close to 10A of current draw and thousands of BTU of heat from production, and it makes much less noise. Saw the difference in the power bill as well.

I've also relocated the rack to a room downstairs in the finished basement that stays cool. I don't have to listen to any of it now.

Still, these racks are impressive and I applaud the attention to detail paid. It sets a good example.