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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to Dodge

Re: Shaman Question

Generally you only need to plant Searing Totem while leveling, for Searing Flames or general damage. Dropping 4 at once is no longer necessary.

If you like the visual aspect, there is a glyph (forget the name) that drops "phantom" totems, so if you drop 1, you get 3 inert ones along with it.


Yes, it's called Glyph of Totemic Encirclement. It's purely cosmentic and a Minor glyph.

Like Immer said, treat Totems as additional CDs you use situationally. The only constant Totem you will use is Searing Totem (now with smarter targeting!) For larger packs of enemies, use Magma Totem.

When you know you'll be taking some damage drop your Healing Stream totem.

The changes have made Totems a lot more powerful than before and what the old totem used to bring is now integrated into passive bonus of each spec of the Shaman class.

Happy hunting with your Enhancement Shaman! They are a lot of fun.
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