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Re: Bugs.....

In iOS 6 betas there was a feature that would fall back to the cellular network when WiFi was low-quality. While well-intentioned, the feature becomes a bug when you've got non-unlimited data...or a bug for the carriers if you've got unlimited data.

This issue is prevalent in the iPhone 5 particularly because LTE is in fact faster than many people's home WiFi in many areas. Heck, the iPhone 5, in ideal conditions, can download faster over cellular than WiFI (two receive antennas, 20x20 FDD channel on cellular vs. 20MHz on WiFi). If carriers want a lot of data revenue, this phone is an excellent way to get it, both by showcasing their network (the iPhone pretty aggressively looks for LTE) and by using the network whenever it's better than WiFi (a fair amount of the time in areas that are running within spec capacity-wise).