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Re: IPv6 Traffic

True. I don't have a Smartphone myself but someone in the house does have one. Come the middle of the month, I'm not quite sure what they're doing with it, whether it is going on YouTube for a little bit or streaming some music, but this month along with the usage two months ago has been very close to the 3GB cap for just that device. To be honest, I'm hoping one of these days the carriers choose either 4G or 3G network to put on an Unlimited Data plan. Ideally, it would be 3G due to the age of the network and due to the fact that they're going to be retiring it anyways as LTE phones come out.

What does make me wonder however is iOS6's feature to move back to Cellular when the Wi-Fi quality gets poor. I'm not quite sure exactly off of the top of my head what Apple means by this. Does this mean when the signal is low on the Wi-Fi, or the phone is having trouble talking to the AP it goes to cellular, or is it basically the Internet connection backing the Wi-Fi that causes issues? At home, we don't have signal issues and get a very strong signal throughout and outside the house, however at times when the iPhone is most used, our Internet connection is also getting destroyed with YouTube, streaming, gaming, and other traffic. We have a 5M/768k connection with Verizon and while it is hands down faster than 3G in the area, when saturating the connection the latency goes through the roof. That's something I'm working with Verizon to resolve as it's a problem on their end with their BRAS (an older one I was on never had this problem) but I suppose I need more details on what the auto-switching tech is doing. If it is a problem I might have to find a way to disable auto-switch to force the phone to only use 3G when there is absolutely no Wi-Fi connection.

EDIT: Upon reflection, I just read some articles where apparently the Wi-Fi + Cellular feature did NOT ship with the software. Maybe this is only with the 4s and lower?