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reply to PeteC2

Re: Comcast price increase - $14 in one month

It is showing under Xfinity internet.

My promo was $19.99 and that ended in February 2012. The internet charge has been $34.99 and it just changed to $48.95.

I didn't read the fine print about the second promo. Their promos are invoiced using a drip method, they go up a little at a time. Could swear that originally I was told a different price because I think I would have bulked at a tad under $50. I was fairly happy with my DSL for $23 and I think I would have remembered I was buying something that would double in a year.

How can I prove what was or wasn't said a year ago.

Oh well.

Snohomish, WA
It's not that unusual to be offered 2 step promos that have the first 3-6-12 months at a super low price, and the next 3-6-12 at a meduim discount and finally rising to the normal Nationwide performance tier price of $48.95, which sounds like what happened to you.
You can call to confirm that's what happened.
They MIGHT be willing to extend it for another X months, but even if they push you to full price (what you have now) after 9 more months (assuming the 19/95 was also 9 months) your average price over 27 months (2years + ) is $34.xx a month, still a very good deal.


Chico, CA
reply to urdrwho
Unfortunately, you signed into a contract without knowing the full terms. You can try explaining the situation to the phone rep but all they can do is put you under a new promo. Cancelling the service is a risky tactic because sometimes they are very willing to cancel you without much retention offers.

Lincroft, NJ
reply to urdrwho
My 12 month double-play promotion also expired this month, with my (Performance) HSI charge jumping up by $14 too. I called and spoke to a billing agent and he reduced my HSI charge by $17 for the next 6 months [it helps being in a Verizon FiOS area ].

When that expires, I may consider then getting a triple-play promotion using my second phone line.


Cupertino, CA
reply to urdrwho
said by urdrwho:

My promo was $19.99 and that ended in February 2012. The internet charge has been $34.99 and it just changed to $48.95.

That sounds about right. When I switched back from AT&T DSL over a year ago, I paid 19.99 for the first 6 months, 34.99 for the second 6 months and 46.95 from that point forward (until Comcast raised the non-promo price to 49.99). Judging by the dates in your post, you signed up a few months after I did so I suspect you got the same promo.