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Tuscaloosa, AL
reply to hottboiinnc4

Re: Give it up, already!

I think that was another company, as the name is familiar in my distant memory. But this was a different company. What they wanted to do was to build transmission sites that would operate on the same frequencies used by DBS. They proposed to make this work by placing the sites north of the towns they wanted to serve, so, since dishes generally point south or southwest, they'd be pointed away from the transmitters in most cases, and I suppose the transmitters were going to be directional, only transmitting toward the south to protect dish owners located north of them. As soon as this news came out, many people worried that this scheme would interfere with DBS, which prompted Northpoint to announce some sort of dish retrofit kit that was supposed to prevent it. Still, people were worried that this solution wouldn't work, so the FCC arranged for a third party organization to do testing to determine if there would be interference. The testing found that, although interference could be reduced, it couldn't be eliminated, and it would effectively wipe out satellite reception for some people. Northpoint's reaction was that the testing was biased, and there were rumors that they were trying to call in favors to get the FCC to disregard the test results and let them proceed anyway. Apparently, that strategy didn't work, and the company faded away.


Cleveland, OH
Ahhh... I didn't realize there was another NorthPoint.

Warwick, RI
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MVDDS_disp ··· _dispute (Northpoint Technology)
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NorthPoint ··· ications (my first association as well)